Hi! Welcome to my website.

This page in English is a short summary of the other pages. As a therapist and healer, I have been working with hundreds of clients since 2003 in my private practice. As a teacher I’ve working in various schools in Europe and Japan, training therapists and healers.

Clients that come to me are mostly seeking help with issues around abuse, fear, depression and interpersonal problems. I specialize in psychodynamics: the things that happen between people on the mental, emotional, physical and energetic levels.


Any pain or wounding that is non-physical originates in some relationship with a human being. This can be healed only in relationship with another human being, qualified and trained to help you heal. I work with a variety of modalities, ranging from practical exercises to deep healing. For many people music has a healing quality and because music is one of my passions I also use music in my work.

Let me help you. Sessions can be done via Skype, or as a live session in my practice room.

Contact me at  martinf@xs4all.nl or call me at 0032-468-135010